Hello, I am Ecanhoj /ee-kan-hodg/. I am an artist in general. Used to work in all kinds of art media from being a designer, concept artist, graphic arts to animator. I am currently working as Upper Deck Marvel Sketch artist for artist sketch cards and also making Merch Shirts and Prints and also making content videos about my creation.

Ecanhoj Artwork cover

About me Ecanhoj

I’ve been working for games mostly mobile games for 10 years. I was a sketch card artist for Upper deck MARVEL for 2 series “Thor” and “Marvel Beginnings” way back in 2011. Now I’ve returned back into making sketch cards which I love doing. It is both work and hobby for me. I am more comfortable working on paper than on the computer. I can also work as a freelance artist doing concept art, game art and animation.

My freelance job involves making art for games and animation. They are not hand-drawn and require me to use a computer. Any character from copyright-like Marvel that can be reproduced is not allowed. Some of my artwork is fanArt and to help with promotion. I can only work freelance that doesn’t violate the copyright rules.

You can find my concept artworks and animations at my DeviantART page:


As a sketch card artist

I am currently making sketch cards for UPPER DECK MARVEL. You can find them when you browse my website. Sketch cards are distributed by card collector companies such as UPPER DECKTOPPSBREYGENT, and other companies so I cannot sell them directly to you. However, I have Artist Proof sketch cards that you can buy from me.

Sketch Cards are collector items that only you can own and are not reproduced to be own by others. They tend to have value over time and when it is passed to the next owner. Artist Proof cards are a lot more special and being made by the original artist.

You can visit my Artist Proof Cards page to check out available cards!

My art style to make the sketch cards

I have no definitive art style yet and used to draw anime as well and Marvel style. Rather like to keep my style as western as Marvel or DC drawing. Thinking I improve overtime as well. Maybe the new ones I create, I might change style like I would like to be a bit different from the other drawings.
In this new series of sketch cards, I do not make full colors of the character. From Thor and Marvel Beginnings, my Art was more into grayscale which I liked. Probably the new set of sketch cards I’ll add some bit of colors and see if it works out.

Artist Proof Sketch card art commissions

AP cards are unique cards that I can make based on the series. If I have blank AP cards, it can be customized. However I can only draw the request based on the character of the card series, then need to be approved by Upperdeck and Marvel. Irrelevant characters won’t work.

You can check out if these are available at my Artist Proof Card Page.

I’ll be making videos of my works at youtube. Mostly I will be doing sketch cards and other artworks.

You can find my video contents at my youtube channel.

How to reach me

If you are interested in commissioning me doing ART or a Freelance Art project, you can send me a message at my contact form HERE<<

You can also find me at twitter @ecanhoj and telegram @ecanhoj