Art of Ecanhoj

Collector's item: Upperdeck Marvel Sketch Cards (Artist Proof) by Ecanhoj

These one-of-the-kind sketch cards are genuine Artist Proof hand-drawn by me ‘ECANHOJ‘. You will be the sole owner of these rare sketch card and may not be reproduced of any kind. These cards that are displayed are finished and are LICENSE APPROVED by MARVEL. May cards are AVAILABLE to purchase in this page.

I make my Artist Proof as different from the regular sketch cards I have drawn and may not be able to replicate it in the same way.

Note: The actual price of the artist card will vary base on the shipment fees and VAT (Value added Tax). If your have a FedEX account, You can pay at the price listed.

List of available AP cards:

  • Marvel 80th anniversary
  • Marvel Premier 2019
  • Marvel EndGame
  • Marvel Runaways

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