MARVEL 80th Anniversary:
“The incredible HULK”

UPPER DECK MARVEL – Sketch Cards (Artist Proof)

Celebrating the MARVEL’s 80th Anniversary. with “The Incredible Hulk” in an Artist Proof Card made by me Ecanhoj.

HULK is one of the strongest characters of the MARVEL universe and one of the members of The Avengers.

Bruce Banner is a scientist who specializes in Gamma Radiation and got exposed to in later transforming him into the incredible menace “THE HULK”. As the Hulk he’s body evolved to a size of a Titan Giant, increasing his strength, leap on high places and has a durable greed bulletproof skin. However Bruce Banner is not aware of what the Hulk does, as he has his own split personality.

In some sense, Bruce Banner and Hulk is an alternate version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the MCU universe and a lot much stronger. He can either play the role of superhero and villain depending on his actions.

Art Style

I wanted the art consistent for these 3 cards and different from my regular sketch card set in Marvel 80th Anniversary. I did however achieved my goal. I almost had the same pose as the artwork last time but this time in different detail, shade, and lighting.

Work In Progress

This is my third Artist Proof card in this series. This is actually the last one for the 3 cards I wanted to draw first. There are other 2 blank sketch cards labeled for Bucky Barnes and Nick Fury.

I wasn’t decided how to draw because I already have drawn them in the previous 2 cards. As for the Hulk I’m still a bit struggling in my art style or not much confident because I left drawing for 6 years. The Second challenge is HULK is bulky full of muscles.

I did spend some time to study muscular anatomy for a bit, maybe this is the best time to do this.

The third challenge is I already drawn HULK in a 3.5″x5″-inch regular sketch card (already sold) and this card is 2.5″x3.5″-inch which is way too small for the bulky character.

My work is done from pencil sketches to give the initial idea and proportions. I apologize followed by the ink drawing for the shadowing and line detail.

You can see my entire progress by watching this video:

The Incredible HULK . - Marvel 80th anniversary ARTIST PROOF sketch card

Watch Video

Finished Artwork

As this is my first series on everything after 8 years (on an island LOL) I was struggling on how to draw this character on his anatomy. It’s like I have to restudy the muscle parts.

The work is done around 5 hours or more, almost a day due to a study of reference. I was also capturing a video while doing this. You may watch this as my video timeline is longer than the first two cards, even with timelapse.

At the end I am happy with the result. I hope my last 2 Artist proof cards are good or better as this piece.

Date started: September 2, 2019
Finished drawing: September 2, 2019
License approval date: November 7 ,2019
Release Date:  January 10, 2020

The Incredible Hulk "Bruce Banner" - Marvel 80th anniversary - Artist Proof Marvel Sketch Card

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” Struggling to become the HULK. ”