MARVEL 80th Anniversary:
“Nick Fury Sr.”

UPPER DECK MARVEL – Sketch Card (Artist Proof)

Celebrating the MARVEL’s 80th anniversary with Nick Fury Sr. in an Artist Proof Card made by me Ecanhoj.

Nicholas Joseph Fury is a character of MARVEL comics.

He is an embodiment version of the James Bond as a spy agent during the silver ages. Even without special powers he became a legendary hero and selected as the director of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. And later found The Avengers.

I have 2 Artist proof cards with the same label name from project MARVEL’s 80th anniversary. I also had one Nick Fury drawing in one of my Sketch card set. They are in specified names so I just draw them accordingly to avoid rejection. I currently have another card and left it blank for commissions.

This is the original Nick Fury look May 1963 from the Marvel Comics before Samuel L. Jackson replaced his appearance at MCU Movies in Avengers Assemble.

Art Style

Since I could not choose another character. I try to be as consistent as the first Artist Proof Card on Bucky Barnes. I wanted him to look more of a Spy Agent or Detective. To inspire me, I have to look for the reference to Nick Fury, Sherlock Holmes, and James Bond. So I would like a pose him in a way similar to Sherlock Holmes, of course, cigarette smoking is not allowed.  

Work In Progress

I used some combinations of pens and started to experiment with white color. It really gives the touch of detail at the end of it.

Shades are drawn with lines and with highlighting. I added dark tones to the background to let the highlight stand out.

You can watch my entire work progress at this video.

Nick Fury Sr. Marvel 80th anniversary ARTIST PROOF sketch card

Watch Video

Finished Artwork

Took me less time than Bucky AP, the only hard part is my shading lines and how to do with the backlight. I was also capturing my video for my youtube channel at the same time. I think it took me some 3-4 hours (with some breaks). 

Date started: September 1, 2019
Finished drawing: September 1, 2019
License approval date: November 7 ,2019
Official Release Date:  January 10, 2020

Nick Fury - Marvel 80th anniversary - Artist Proof Marvel Sketch Card

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” This is my second sketch card in this series Marvel 80th Anniversary. Feels like James Bond. ”