Ecanhoj is back to make 4 sketch card projects from UPPER DECK MARVEL (2019-2020)

October 22, 2019

Hello, I am ECANHOJ, an artist and I’m back after years of inactivity I finally came back to draw MARVEL sketch cards. I wasn’t lost contact with UPPER DECK MARVEL and already signed a contract for 4 sketch card series for this year 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

However I won’t be able to tell what are  titles of the sketch card series, I can give some hints:

  • Two series are celebrated annually.
  • Another from a TV series.
  • One from an MCU movie.

To when they will be released are in the last quarter of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

The Time Gap

From 2012-2019 that is 7 years of time skip where those years I have been busy studying other forms of art media and I also ventured game development. It was way too hard and very time consuming for me as an independent game developer and artist for mobile phones. Then just this year 2019 I’ve decided to bring back the passion of traditional drawing. I think traditional art is still something special so I’m bringing back my old passion into drawing superhero characters.

From 2019 going forward

From this time I seem to get a lot of projects from UPPER DECK MARVEL. I already finished 2 series and waiting for approval before I officially post them around. There are 2 more MARVEL series that I recently signed for December 2019 and next year 2020. 

Ecanhoj Avatar


I decided to change my artist name from John ACE to Ecanhoj /ee-kan-hodge/. It’s actually still the same only that I reversed the spelling which makes my name unique. I started using this name on my social media years ago 2010ish. 


Since I had lots of years lost I didn’t have any practice on traditional drawing and maybe the first sketch card series I made for this year 2019 is kind of a new beginning. I had small confidence and adjustments. When I started to work I have kept my art style from my last project MARVEL Beginnings. I still wasn’t sure of my drawings so I keep changing and experimenting on my art style from each new series. I’ve always liked my art style as a monochromatic. Now I am just exploring.

Bought new drawing materials:

  • 4H pencil for sketching
  • MICRON pens from 0.1 to 0.8
  • some pental pens
  • a white pen
  • and 7 kurecolors that I choose (5 are primary and 2 are grey)

Bought new drawing materials:

I’m fond of black ink, it’s basic and it stands out even without coloring. I wanted to have it greyscale throughout but there are some characters that have green skin like the Hulk.

Red as the brightest color of all, the rest is not to rich to explicit simplicity and modern art as I think. I will probably do some changes in my art style for each series from time to time until I master an art that is comfortable for me and to all the viewers.

Youtube videos

I set up a youtube channel and other social media where you can see my work and maybe you’ll learn something at my drawings. Mainly I will make art videos of each of my Artist Proof Cards for me, for my clients and for viewers. 

You can check out my youtube channel and subscribe!

You can also find me on social media and follow me at facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest where I post pieces of information about my progress in work.

” More contents will come out very soon! ”