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Marvel List of Guidelines

UPPER DECK MARVEL guidelines for sketch cards and List of characters that can't be drawn

Hello! here I made UPPER DECK MARVEL Sketch Cards Guidelines for me an other sketch card artists who sometimes forget or just skipping to read the document given or if we got no time to read so. Let be informed about what to DOs and DONT’s. This is also reference to commissioning clients so that they know what not to draw to avoid being rejected by MARVEL.

After I read the documents as the way I understand everything, basically our target audience are young people from kids to teens up to adult card collectors who really loves super hero characters. We artist need to keep in mind that our drawing should be environment friendly and inspiring.

Here are Upper Deck Marvel Sketch Cards Guidelines:

  • NO character that looks like the actor or the costumes from the movie or TV series.
  • NO Nazi Symbols (this includes Iron crosses, Iron Eagles, swistikas, etc.)
  • NO Zombie versions of any Marvel character.
  • NO Blood violence and gore.
  • NO nudity or inappropriate dresses.
  • NO poses with the character smoking or drinking.
  • NO realistic guns that exists in the real world. It is possible to draw it in fantasy concept like laser guns and it should not point at the viewer.
  • NO to Captain America and Spiderman holding a gun.
  • NO product trademarks with the character (example: Spiderman drinking a coke)
  • NO depicting any hero wearing a torn costume.
  • Regular sketch cards should use more than 10% on puzzle cards. Example is you have been contracted 50 sketch cards, 45 of those should be standalone. However this will not apply on Artist Proof cards.
  • Howard the Duck needs to be drawn in pants and always wearing a hat, tie and Blazers. He cannot wear a blue suit.
  • Spiderman and Deadpool cannot be drawn at the same scene. ( I have no idea to why?)
  • Ms. Marvel of any version are not allowed to draw. (Not sure why, but Captain Marvel ‘Carol Denvers’ can be drawn)
DO's that are allowed
  • Do refrain the character’s appearance at Marvel Comics.
  • Multiple characters.
  • Half to Full body drawing.
  • Original Poses.


updated: October 2019

Some characters are not allowed by Upper deck Marvel due to license issues owned by other companies.

Example: Fantastic Four license ownership is being debated by FOX and Disney so currently they could not be used in other franchise.

And in some awkward sense some characters that are not kid friendly like Apocalypse and Nightcrawler are also not allowed.

Basically we need to take note that we only need to draw the characters in the MCU universe of the current date.

Here are the list:

* Note that this includes not only Earth 616 but to all versions of Marvel’s multi universe.

Others in alphabetical order.

I’m guessing that these characters are probably way to old and are out of license. Most of them are cosmic characters and alien races.

June 11, 2020 Update!

Some characters has been added to the banned list:

  • Deadpool
  • Shang Chi
  • Mandarin

Any ETERNAL characters are also banned:

  • Aginar
  • Ajax
  • Akpaxa
  • Amaa
  • Arex
  • Argos
  • Astarte
  • Atlo
  • Aurelle
  • Black Knight
  • Brother Tode
  • Ceyote
  • Cybele
  • Diana
  • Deborah
  • Donald
  • Ritter
  • Delphan brothers
  • Domo
  • Druig
  • Electryon
  • Elo
  • Elysius
  • Eramis
  • Forgotten One
  • Ghaur
  • Gilgamesh
  • Helios
  • Ikaris
  • Interloper
  • Karkas
  • Khoryphos
  • Kingo Sunen
  • Kro
  • Legba Makkari
  • Mara
  • Margo Damian
  • Mentor
  • Overmind
  • Pannix
  • Perse
  • Phastos
  • Pixie
  • Psykos
  • Rakar
  • Sersi
  • Sigmar
  • Sprite
  • Starfox (Eros)
  • Sui-San
  • Suyin King


Once you have read the rules then you’re ready to draw the character in Marvel Sketch Cards. Don’t hesitate to come back in this page for a review.