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This page is in progress and is updated over time. Will have a new update on or before 2022!

Meanwhile, you can check my NFT Project’s Road Map below:

NFT Projects:​

Heroes 2 HODL animation logo
Heroes 2 HODL
The Gas Pee Icon
The Gas Pee

☆ What are Heroes 2 HODL?
– It’s a Graphics Edition similar to a real-life trading card but as a Digital Asset where you can collect and own a Heroes 2 HODL NFT.
Heroes 2 HODL are one-of-a-kind collectibles that can only be minted at 
– Artworks are in High-Quality Animated video made as an NFT Art Collectible.


☆ The Blockchain
– We use Ethereum Blockchain by default for trading NFT at Opensea because it is one of the most primary tokens that everybody can have (for a newbie) aside from Bitcoin.
– There will be Polygon MATIC Blockchain mint variants.
– Minting in Klaytn Blockchain is also possible later on.

–  Only 1 supply will be minted for each NFT exclusive only at Heroes 2 HODL as one-of-a-kind rare collectible.

☆ As a Long Term Project
   This is my hobby project where I put my skills combined in a single NFT. I became an animator, a sketch card artist of Marvel, a game developer, & a freelance artist. My hobbies cover character designs, drawing, and animation. I got inspired where I can put all of my skills in this project where I can publish one concept to a digital collective design with NFT. I do not have a client nor have a team to do this so this is completely something I would like to do. I would appreciate the support to keep me going on and making more heroes by trading my collectibles! I will also give away my secondary project Gas Pee for first SOLD NFT buyers.


  •  Will mint at least one Heroes to HODL NFT Crypto Hero per time or per week.
  • My objective here currently is to build up Heroes 2 HODL NFT community that can grow over time & in long term!


(Will make new changes to road map during the update progress)

Stage 1 ( 10 Heroes ) * In Progress

  • Will Create and Mint 10 Heroes to HODL with 0.007~0.015 ETH/Polygon as starting price.
  • Buyers who bought the NFT at the first level will also receive 1 supply of Gas Pee NFT.

Stage 2: ( After 10 Heroes ) 

  • New characters from Heroes 2 HODL #11 will change starting prices gradually higher to the next new series of NFTs.
  • Also First SOLD buyers will also receive 1 Gas Pee NFT.

Stage 3: ( After 25 Heroes are SOLD )

  • If the 25 heroes to HODL are sold,  the series of mints will randomly sell at different prices, minted for offers, or will hold an auction for bidding
  • Also if the First SOLD buyers bought below .1 ETH will also receive 1 Gas Pee NFT (common).
  • If the First SOLD buyers bought at 1-0.1 ETH will receive 1 Gas Pee NFT (Rare)
  • If the First SOLD buyers bought above 1 ETH will receive 3  Gas Pee NFT  (Rare)

 Tired of high crypto Gas Fees? Here is the NFT for you! While waiting to lower the Gas Fee get these Cute funny cryptocurrency memes from The Gas Pee!

☆ What is Gas Pee?

These are cute and funny cryptocurrency Memes NFT that makes you Pee for Gas Fees!

Gas Pee is also made to support Heroes 2 HODL as a giveaway when you purchase one Crypto hero on the first buy, you will receive Gas Pee NFT (Read Heroes to HODL Road map).

You can make price offers for minted Gas Pee NFTs if you want one as a collection or for trading. 

☆ The Blockchain

We will be using Polygon MATIC Blockchain as default for this series. Some NFTs may carry supply due to their purpose on the first 20 NFTs for the first stage only.  Gas Pee NFTs will also have Ethereum Blockchain variants for Ethereum based collectors. Minting in Klatyn blockchain will be possible in the future.

★ Goal

  1. Will be minting at least 3 Gas Pee NFT per week.
  2. Will have variants for both Polygon MATIC and Ethereum. 

★ Milestones

Stage 1 (20 Gas Pee with 20-10 supply) *Complete!

  • Will mint 20 NFT with the supply of 10-20 for Heroes 2 HODL promo and short trades. 
  • I may not set up a price for the first 20 but are open to price offers.

Stage 2 (After 20 Gas Pee only 1 supply)

  • New NFTs after Gas Pee #20 will be minted as 1 supply to become a one-of-a-kind rare collection. It will be minted either in Polygon MATIC and in Ethereum Blockchain in variants.
  • Will start price from 0.005 ETH/Polygon and might go higher over new series of NFTs.