Shipping Rates

NOTE: If you have a FedEX account, it’s better if you pay the shipment cost using your account and just pay for the price listed.

If you don’t have a FedEX account I will be ship the card manually so it’s required to include shipment rate at the final price.
All rates currency are in United Stated Dollar (USD). It will be shipped from the Philippines so if you are far away as United States it might take a week have your shipment arrive.

Shipping rates applied to a Sketch card (Value Added Tax are also Included)

  • United States – 38$
  • Canada – 38$
  • Singapore – 20$
  • Honkong – 20$
  • Australia – 34$
  • Japan – 34$
  • UAE – 66$
  • Taiwan – 20$
  • Malaysia – 26$
  • UK – 60$

The total sum price is sum of Sketch card + Shipment rates.

I basically make payments using I’m using this as my payment method so that you won’t make mistake in the transaction.

If you do not have Paypal I can accept cryptocurrency USDC or XRP (Ripple). If you are in the Philippines I can also accept bank payment or the mentioned payment methods.

Note: Do not send me payments if we have not made an agreement. I always send a bill to make sure that you are the right person to send my cards.