Comic Odyssey Eastwood City Manila

Comic Odyssey at Eastwood City Libis Quezon City Manila

I happen to stumble around the Eastwood Mall when I found this newly opened Comic Odyssey book store!

It looks nice, It has lots of comic books of Marvel, DC Comics and Starwars!.

I looked around and there are lots of new titles displayed Including the new series Agents of Atlas and the new Thor Odinson (Which became the new herald of Galactus).

Comic Odyssey Eastwood City Manila

A lot of figure toys displayed in this shop also. Also Pop “Chibi” Style toys are available.

The Comic Odyssey has been established for a lot of years to market child, teens to adult about super hero and fictional comic books. 

Most of these comic books have been made into movies like The Avengers Inifinity,Justice League, Watchmen, X-Men and the STARWARS Trilogy titles. Some Are in streaming videos of Netflix and Hulu like Witcher, The Defenders and Marvel’s Runaways.

This has been one of the major stores in tradition of the child’s fanatics on superheroes. 

Dream should live on..

Comic Odyssey Eastwood City Manila