Golden Age of Comics, Heroes and Villains (2010)

Sketch Cards

Made these Sketch Cards for the Breygent year 2010. It is my first drawing project to draw on 2.5 x 3 inch and 3 x 5-inch sketch cards. It is for the experience.
The Golden Age of Comics was made at world war II 1940’s.

I was one of the Sketch Artists (as John ACE) in this series. Made 50 sketch cards. I lost some of the scanned images when my computer crashed.

Art Style

My Art style is in heroic proportions. Since it was my first time to draw in an actual card company drawing superheroes, I have to give my full effort. It was in 1-month deadline. I wanted it in a modern comic book style.

This is also actually my first time to do full color over sketch cards. I think my art style in these series is too casual as a comic book style but it is in good practice.

In my next series, I would like to try something new and different. My goal to achieve art that presents my style. You will notice each of my series changes due my experiments.

My goal is to be the best artist and master my drawings.

After 2011, work for games becoming an animator and developer.

Here are my artworks that I saved from this series:

Characters in this page in 3 x 5 inch sketch cards

Artist Proof sketch cards

To be posted later

You can check out more AP cards available at the ARTIST PROOF SKETCH CARD PAGE