MARVEL 80th Anniversary

Artist Proof

Artist Proof / Artist Return

I have Artist Proof cards of Marvel 80th trading cards series for commissions. These are drawn later after the regular sketch cards which I have time to figure out how to present this. It turned out way too different.

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Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes


Nick Fury

Nick Fury



The Incredible HULK






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UPPER DECK MARVEL – Artist Sketch Cards

I have signed for this project at UPPER DECK MARVEL in this series ” MARVEL 80th Anniversary trading cards “. The project is to draw MARVEL superheroes in their early costumes.


About MARVEL 80th Anniversary

This year 2019 is Marvel’s 80th anniversary celebrating its birth from 1961. In this new project, I will have to make Comic characters in their first appearance costumes. 

Work In Progress

My research on the Golden age heroes is quite challenging. It was really vintage old style drawings.

At early times artist drawings were based on imaginary ideas on how to portrait humans. Artists those times knew a bit about human anatomy. A few learn the basics and observation.

Nowadays the artist gets references and guides on human anatomy that can be found by searching the internet.

As I received the box set full of blank Sketch cards around June 8, 2019. I got 40 pieces of 2.5 x 3.5-inch blank sketch cards and 5 pieces of 3.5 x 5 inch larger ones to draw.

Marvel 80th Anniversary Blank Sketch Cards
Marvel 80th Anniversary Blank Sketch Cards

There is a document where instructions that I have to keep in mind when making these. Some are specific information and guidelines. DO or DONt’s to keep in mind.

By reading the document provided with the package “oh my are these rules?”

I understood why they are meant for. The cards are directed to kids and should not explicit bad influences that can cause attitude. Trading Card collectors are at a young age to adults.

After the work is done I got some rejections so I decided to write these do’s and don’ts on another page where I could check it out from time to time online. (see Upper deck Marvel Sketch Cards Guidelines).

Each of these blank cards contains superhero character names. It’s going to be specific in both character and costume. Behind the card has images on what the character looked like in that specific year. I find it a nice reference.

In this series I draw the characters in 3 eras:

  • Golden Age
  • Siver Age
  • Bronze Age

Art Style

After years 8 years, this series has become my comeback episode to draw Marvel characters. Only that the characters and their costumes for me are very specific. I plan to stick with it. It’s actually a challenge to draw each character written on the card.

There are 5 members of X-men that are in masked uniforms. Avengers with the first members Captain America, Bucky, Thor, and Hulk. Most of them are in spandex LOL. I improvised the vintage costumes and make it a bit modern.

I did not put backgrounds here and for the next series. I wanted the characters to stand out and focus more on the art of my drawing. I do see some references that are good with just plain black and white. Also, I only work with a few pens and 5 kurecolor. You can see an article on what material I use in my blog post. (See my blog about the art materials I use

Characters drawn in the set of sketch cards

I try to draw them in a modern way or the least. I wanted to advance from my art style on Marvel Beginnings which was way back from 2011.

I still want my style in a monochromatic way only that this time I added some colors so I experimented with only have 5 kurecolors. It’s been so long since I last draw, quite rusty but I liked it.


For the 2.5 x 3.5 inch cards here are the characters:





For 3.5″x5″ cards I find it very comfortable to draw. It gave me much larger space for details.

Apparently 4 cards were rejected due to license issues and will not be made available.

Working in this series is a bit of a struggle for me even with an extended deadline, I may be rusted a bit and didn’t really have time to work on the background, they do seem to be good without it so I leave it be.

Characters that I didn’t have a chance to drew on this series are my favorites are Ironman, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Psylocke, Rogue, Deadpool, the Wasp, Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock, Iceman, Emma Frost and a lot more. I will save these ideas for the next sketch card series or probably will try to add them in the Artist Proof Blanks that weren’t drawn.. yet!

The project was extended due to some issues with the shipment of the cards and I’m glad to have 3 weeks of time to figure out my art-style and what I want to do with my drawings.

I also saw my name on the list 51 participated sketch cart artist on BECKETTCheers to us sketch artists!

Date started: June 8, 2019
Finished drawing: July 10, 2012
License approval date: October 18, 2019
Official release date:  January 9, 2020

These sketch cards are available at Upper Deck shop page and now available for purchase.

” Feels like the first time again in 8 years that I draw a traditional drawing. Feels like I achieved something again. ”