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Marvel's Runaways

Marvel's Runaways Artist Sketch Cards by Ecanhoj
Artist Proof

Artist Proof / Artist Return

I made these artist proof card pretty late after the last project last December of 2019. I had to much practice I think I improved.

UPPER DECK MARVEL- Artist Sketch Cards
Hello guys. I participated in this project from UPPER DECK MARVEL to work on a series of MARVEL’s Runaways. This is to promote both the comic book title and the video stream series at Hulu.

About the Runaways

They are a group of teens whose parents are supervillains. After realizing their parent’s evil plot they were shocked and ran away and ran away. They form their own team as the Runways and became superheroes. Unlike the Young Avengers team, they don’t superhero training and try to educate themselves.

Work In Progress

I received my black sketch cards all 2.5 x 3-inch cards on September 27, 2019. Friday started to draw these sketch cards from September 30, 2019. Monday.

This sketch card series is to promote both the comic book and tv series at Hulu Runaways Season that has been released last December 13, 2019.

MARVEL's Runaways Blank sketch cards - Ecanhoj
MARVEL's Runaways Blank sketch cards

My primary objective is to draw the main characters of the Runaways characters. It won’t be entirely the same characters on every card as I did on the Thor Series.

I’m thankful that the sketch cards aren’t as name specific as Marvel 80th anniversary series. I will also draw related characters. me to draw these characters together with Avengers, Young Avengers, and A-Force.

This series was actually made before Marvel Premier 2019 and Avengers Endgame 2020 and was not released until later 2020.

Arty Style

I wanted to change my art style on this series to and focus more on the shadowing than highlights because of it’s white background. I would like to keep background as white for this set. It’s clean and it makes my drawing stand out.

I will still continue and try to change my art style in a little difference in the next few series until I get comfortable on my drawings. The last series before this was Marvel 80th anniversary which was my comeback. I drew quite in a rush and less time to think what to do. Here I have a deadline from September 30 to October 11, just days for 50 cards! Finished card at the 11th.

Marvel's Runaways Characters

I created this blog page for those who are not familiar with the Runaways superhero team in Marvel comics. Those might have known them by watching the television series at HULU.

Puzzle Sketch Card Gertrude Yorkes and Old Lace.
Puzzle Sketch Card Gertrude Yorkes and Old Lace.
  • Old Lace – Gert Yorkes’s pet Deinonychus that was genetically engineered in the 87th Century by Gert’s parents to protect her through a psychic link. He is also has psychic link to and Chase Stein.
  • Chase Stein (taklback|Neo) – Chase possesses gears that are advanced in technology. Fistigons and a time machine. Later he possesses Darkhawk amulet, granting him Darkhawk’s abilities, including super human strength, speed, flight, force fields, and energy blasts. He has hidden powers he isn’t aware of and has a psychic connection with Old Lade during Gertrude’s death (then later series she revived). In made my drawings based from the comic books which he has blond hair. In the live series he is being portrayed by actor “Gregg Sulkin“.
  • Alex Wilder – He has no superpower but he is the strategist of the team with high intelligence. Unlike the other runaways he remained loyal to his family of super villains and betrayed the team. Played by Rhenzy Feliz in the series at Hulu.
  • Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm) – a.k.a “Sister Grimm”. Nico controls an incredibly powerful magical implement called the Staff of One. The Staff responds to verbal commands, but can only respond to any given spell once. If the user attempts to cast the same spell twice, the results have unforeseen consequences. In the live series, she is being portrayed by actress “Lyrica Okano”

My random Marvel Characters

I drew some characters that are related to the series via comic book storyline and Hulu. Some of them are just my personal choice for practice.

Offered: August 24, 2019
Date started: September 26, 2019
Date Submitted: October 13, 2012
License approval date: January 09, 2019
Release Date:  ???

"This project has made me a jump from the last series Marvel 80. I think my Art style has improved with a very short deadline of 10 days. "